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Under the brand name of Amohari®, Gaj Dhaanvi Enterprise presents the best quality, undiluted, 100% Alcohol free, pure & Natural heritage Attar from Kannuaj which is extracted from real flowers, herbs, spices & woods through century-old traditional Dheg and Bhapka process. Apart from Attar, we are also in the Bath & Body Products which is 100% handmade. Our products are carefully selected to acheive maximum customer satisfaction. Based on a local area, we have taken feedback and suggestions very seriously since day one, because we know it’s of the utmost importance to continue to improve and provide better service to our customers. By focusing on customer satisfaction above all else, we have been able to always take our customer's needs to heart. Drop in or contact us through our booking form to see!

A Store You Can Trust

When you are looking for a business you can trust, we are your number one choice because we are very serious in how we render our services. In the attempt to maintain our top-quality service, we listen to our customers. We continuously review all of the feedback we get in order to best understand how to better serve our customers. As a result, our reviews are always stellar. In short: our record speaks for itself. Get in touch with us today and we won't let you down.


• Amohari Rose attar is a fragrant & colourless liquid essential oil distilled from fresh petals of Rose which smells very subtle & natural just like you have walked into a garden of roses, or that fresh smell you get when you've walked past a bouquet of fresh flowers. • Amohari Special Chandan Attar oil smells rich, deep and sweet yet is delicate, woody and floral. It has upto 20 hours of long lasting. Sandalwood has been used since ancient times as incense for spiritual applications, also deeply grounding and useful for chakra work. • Amohari Mogra Attar has a refreshing and captivating fragrance and it is basically pale yellow in colour. Attar is mainly used to calm the nervous system because it has a soothing aphrodisiac essence and an anti-depressant. • Amohari Kaccha Bela Attar is a wonderfully seductive scent and is known as the King of Flowers.The aroma is deep and has flowery notes. • Amohari Musk Rosa Attar is a blend of Oriental woody fragrance & notes of rose along with herbs. It has a fantastic and soothing smell. • Amohari Auster Attar is an exclusive fragrance which people will only get from us. It is made up of using several oriental woody attar, several Floral Attars and several attar extracted from herbs. Has a fresh note which helps to dominate impression over a party .

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British Rose Perfume


British Rose is our handmade sensual Perfume, which is handcrafted with heady substance such as tropical flowers, spices, exotic woods and other rich high quality steam distilled essential oil (Attar).

Sensual Exotic Perfume


Sensual Exotic Perfume is our handmade sensual Perfume, which is handcrafted with heady substance such as tropical flowers, spices, exotic woods and other rich high quality steam distilled essential oil (Attar).

Lemon Grass




Lavender Aoma oil is one of them. It smells great, and works well to freshen the home in a nebulizing diffuser, it can do a whole lot more than simply create a sweet smelling room. From helping your home, to helping your body, lavender Aroma oil is …
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Exotic Aroma Oil


Exotic Aroma Oil has a very sweet & sensual fragrance. It is only use for Aromatic Fragrance.

Rose Bathing Bar


Gylcerine based handcrafted with high quality steam Distilled Essential Oils (Attar) & quality fragrances.


8 Reviews

Meena Prasad

19 November 2019

19 November


Amohari attar ki khusboo kamal ki hai, attar bottle kholte hi bahut hi pyari aur Manmohak Khushboo aati hai..main ladoo Gopal ko issi ittr se rozana maalish kar...
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Anita Sinha

19 November 2019

19 November


I am using Amohari's "British Rose Perfume", "Haldi Chandan Soap" and "Auster Attar" right now. The fragrance in all Amohari's products are natural and long las...
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